Quantum Mechanics
is Misunderstood
Classical Mechanics


Inherent Physical Inconsistency of Quantum Mechanics

The origins of quantum mechanics are traced to the inability of classical mechanics to account for some experimental findings. This, however, is an incorrect perception regarding classical mechanics. On the contrary, it is the misinterpretation of classical mechanics by its leading students rather than problems with classical mechanics itself that has stimulated the unusual and in fact devastating impact on physics, by a theory known as quantum mechanics. Thus, Rayleigh and Jeans, for instance, who derived a purportedly classical formula for the density of blackbody radiation, leading to a so-called ``ultraviolet catastrophe'', err in their incorrect assumption that the equipartition theorem applies to the distribution of energy along the degrees of freedom of molecules having one given velocity. Rayleigh and Jeans, as well as Wien, also erroneously consider the exchanging energy to be the same as the energy of the oscillator itself. Remove these errors and the ``ultraviolet catastrophe'' vanishes.

Not only are Rayleigh and Jeans, as well as Wien, in error when assessing blackbody radiation from the classical viewpoint but Planck himself misinterprets the meaning of the quantity U in the expression derived by him in his founding paperg e:

Quantity U is exchanging energy (heat) and is not the energy of the oscillator, as Planck has incorrectly assumed. This is obvious from the fact that U becomes zero when entropy S is zero but that does not mean that energy of the oscillator itself has become zero. On the contrary, when S is zero then all the energy of the oscillator can be converted into heat.

Planck himself acknowledges in this same paper that

"If amplitude and phase both remained absolutely constant, which means completely homogeneous vibrations, no entropy could exist and the vibrational energy would have to be completely converted into work."

stating also that

"It is in this sense that we shall refer to the average energy U of a single resonator."

But he not only does not follow on this evident truth but has entitled the whole paragraph as

"Calculations of the Entropy of a Resonator and its Energy"

That misinterpretation of quantity U is crucial, determining the non-physical character of the postulation that the energy of the oscillator itself must be quantized, rather than correctly acknowledging the trivial classical mechanics fact that oscillators exchange energy among themselves and the energy that these oscillators exchange is always in portions, in quanta, and is never continuous in character. Once that is understood, the view for the quantum character of the exchanging energy becomes natural and the elementary quanta this exchanging energy consists of can easily be derived classically, without postulating non-physical relations such as , incorrectly referred to the energy of the oscillator itself.

The physical inconsistency of quantum mechanics should have been detected right at these early stages of attempt to advance it as a legitimate science and that erroneous path of science should have been prevented to avoid the dead-end in which it finds itself now.


Purely Formal Reasons to Reject Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics fails fatally also in its postulates, especially the postulates involving the postulated eigenfunction equations.

As an example, observe, for instance, that there is no real function which can satisfy the postulated position eigenfunction equation in position space


This sole problem is enough to abandon quantum mechanics.

Apparently, however, there was a scientifically unjustified need to imbue that doomed idea with an appearance of life in whatever way possible. To do so, a special impossible facility, a delta-construct, was designed, which purportedly takes care of this problem by turning the above equation into


where .

However, as seen, according to the definition of the δ-construct,


there is only one value of x, where the δ-construct makes sense (δ-construct is not zero) and that is the value of x, where the argument of the δ-construct is zero. For all other x the δ-construct is zero.

This means that will only make sense for . In other words, the only expression that is supposed to make sense is


However, the very construct makes no sense and therefore the above cannot be the solution to the problem. It may occur to someone that can play the role of an eigenfunction in an expression involving :


However, obviously cannot be an eigenfunction of the position operator because the application of by no means extracts eigenvalue from but only gives


because, from the definition of the delta-construct, .

The above is enough to show that an earlier attempt by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen to find flaws in quantum mechanics by exposing the function, the solution to the postulated eigenfunction equation, as not being able to fully describe the system, is perfunctory because that function itself does not make sense to begin with, as discussed here.

Even worse, that irresolute attempt at critique has led to its simplified version in Bohm, followed by Bell, which allows the critique to be misconstrued as the opposite, as a success. Thus, later that critique has been turned around and has been presented as a merit of quantum mechanics, creating non-physical fictions such as non-locality and entanglement, and mistakenly presenting them as real physical phenomena. These non-physical fictions have spawned a plethora of research for impossible technologies to create quantum computers or to attain unrealizable quantum encryption, quantum computing, quantum teleportation and so on.

Consequently, the question regarding the interpretations of quantum mechanics, Copenhagen or otherwise, is moot. Furthermore, there cannot be any philosophical ramifications from quantum mechanics.

Having the above fatal problems revealed, it becomes a profoundly urgent obligation and responsibility of scientific journals to promptly inform the scientific community and society at large that there is no such reality as the fantastic reality falsely ascribed to follow from quantum mechanics. Such alert is mandatory, in order to prevent further waste of effort and resources for such a barren pursuit.


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